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The Circadian Edge: Optimizing Health & Performance with Your Inner Clock

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Thank you Dr Erik Korem for having Dr Panda. We kick off the month with a bang! Our of the gates, with four episodes on The Blueprint. Heading into the weekend check out the Melatonin Master Class podcast.

Quotable moments:

31:16 “The rule of thumb is, two hours before habitual bedtime melatonin begins. That means we should not be eating two and a half hours before going to bed because when we eat, our blood glucose level will begin to rise and they stay high for 30 to 90 minutes.”

34:11 “But the difference between a car and the human body is the car cannot self-repair. in every three months to six months, you are taking the car for repairs. You cannot drive the car when it’s in the repair shop, and you cannot drive your body and fuel it when it’s supposed to repair.”

37:53 “If you go take a walk outside, or even if you open the window on a sunny day, sit next to the window, you’re getting 4,000 to 5,000, lots of light for an hour which somehow increases nightly production of melatonin.”

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