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Dr Pal: How to follow time restricted feeding to fight diabetes and obesity?

Welcome to our podcast hosted by Dr Pal Manickam with Dr Satchin Panda, where we delve into a range of intriguing topics related to health and well-being. In this episode, we explore the fascinating link between circadian rhythm and weight loss, unraveling the secrets behind how our body’s internal clock can impact our efforts to shed those extra pounds. We also dive into my personal patient experience of reversing fatty liver, shedding light on effective strategies and insights that can help others on a similar journey. Additionally, we discuss the potential benefits of time-restricted feeding for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and examine the possible side effects associated with this eating pattern. 

We also uncover the key differences between time-restricted feeding and intermittent fasting, providing valuable clarity for those seeking to optimize their eating habits. Moreover, we explore the challenges and solutions of adhering to this method during weekdays versus weekends and how sleep plays a crucial role in supporting its effectiveness. Join us as we further explore intriguing questions such as which bite is considered the first one, how night shift workers can integrate this method into their routine, and when one can expect to see tangible results. We also address the topic of recommending specific diets to patients during their eating windows and emphasize the importance of adequate protein intake for overall health. 

Furthermore, we discuss how to adapt this method when faced with time zone changes and the optimal timing for exercise within the context of time-restricted feeding. We shed light on the considerations and strategies for individuals with diabetes, and explore effective approaches to navigate late-night gatherings without compromising progress. Ultimately, we set the ambitious goal of reaching the age of 50 without relying on medication, and provide valuable insights and tips to help listeners achieve this milestone. Tune in for an engaging and informative conversation that will empower you to optimize your health and well-being.

  • Circadian rhythm and Weight loss link
  • My patient experience  Reversing fatty liver?
  • Time restricted feeding for IBS patients?
  • Side effects of time restricted feeding?
  • Difference between time restricted feeding & intermittent fasting
  • Weekday vs Weekend – How to stick to this method?
  • How sleep plays a role?
  • Which is considered as a first bite?
  • For night shift workers?
  • When can we expect any results?
  • Do you recommend any particular diet to patients during eating window
  • Protein intake is crucial
  • If time zone changes, how to follow this method?
  • When to exercise?
  • Diabetes patients?
  • How to handle late night gathering ?
  • To reach 50 without medication is the goal. 
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