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Reprogram your body's

circadian rhythm

Timing our food, sleep, exercise and light is key to health and longevity.
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lose weight

Lose weight

Track everything you eat and drink. Yes, everything including a cup of water, handful of chips, a piece of a cookie, fruit, supplements, medicine, etc.

Sleep better

In the past we had no lights, electricity and shift work to keep us up all hours. By tracking how long and how well we sleep we have the keys to better fitness.


Stay fit

Staying active and moving daily is a must. Build a healthy habit of at least 30 minutes each day preferably in a natural sunlight. Early light exposure and activity just after meals makes for a healthy metabolism.

Improve focus

The light and dark cycle of the sun has effect on your circadian clock. Light affects the production of melatonin in promoting sleep hormone. Measure light exposure during the day and night helps building your biological cycle.
Daylight exposure

Ontime is Your Guide to Four Pillars of Health

Circadian Reprogramming

Research has shown our daily eating, sleeping, light, and activity patterns can impact health and performance. This program is inspired by groundbreaking research from Dr Satchin Panda. It is part of a community for helping track biological rhythms in the real world, while also improving health by understanding your body’s rhythms.

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